Individual Eyelash Extensions

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Classic individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions is where one synthetic lash extension is applied to each of your own eyelashes, also known as the 1-on-1 technique. This process takes around 1.5-2 hours for a full classic set and result in natural looking lashes. The lifespan of your lashes depends on your own eyelash cycle. We are continuously losing and growing new eyelashes and the average lash cycle is around 90 days. Your new lashes can last up to 4-8 weeks if properly taken care of, coming in for regular infills every 2-3 weeks will keep them looking full and natural for much longer. I recommend a fresh new set every 3 months.

I also now offer 2D lashes, also know as “Volume Lashes”, where 2 finer lashes are applied to your own natural lash creating a fuller look, this is great for people who have fine and sparse lashes as it creates more volume and gives the appearance of more lashes. If you already have naturally full eyelashes a mix of 2D and Classic lashes will give the same look without them being to dense or false looking.

You will need to have a patch test done no less than 48 hours before your treatment. At the same time I will carry out your free consultation in the comfort of my relaxing treatment room.

Frequently asked questions:

How long will the individual eyelashes extensions take to apply?
Because they are applied properly and with care, it can usually take 1.5-2 hours for completion of both eyes. This also depends on how many natural lashes you may have. Your eyes will be closed for this time and you be lying on a comfortable bed so just relax and unwind and look forward to your new beautiful lashes!

Are infills essential?
As your eyelashes, like the other hair on your body grow and mature, they eventually fall out meaning the lash extensions will then fall out with your natural eyelash. At your infill appointment these will be replaced. This appointment is shorter than the full set application.

Do I need a patch test and a consultation?
Yes, a patch test is needed for me to carry out this treatment and needs to be done no less than 48 hours before your appointment. This is to check you do not have an allergic reaction to the adhesive which is used.  At your consultation we will discuss the look you are wanting to achieve and what choice of lashes will be suited to your own. You will also need to complete a consent form at this consultation, this is carried out at my treatment room. The minimum age for this treatment is 16, if you are aged 16 or 17 you will need parental consent and they must sign a form at your consultation.

Will I feel the eyelashes being applied?
No, this treatment does not go near your skin so you won’t feel anything.

Can mascara be used on my new eyelashes?
There will be no need to wear mascara after this treatment because of the finished result, however if you feel you must wear mascara apply only water based mascara on the tips and not the base of your new lashes, doing so will pull and tug at your natural lash base which can cause damage to your own eyelash. Do not use waterproof or oil based mascara as it will dissolve the adhesive.

I wear contacts can I have individual eyelashes applied?
Yes. You must remove your contacts before your treatment and I recommend leaving them out for at least 2 hours after your treatment.

Aftercare guidelines:

– Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24-48 hours, this will give the adhesive time to fully dry after this it is fine to shower, swim and wash your face as normal. I advise clients to avoid direct water pressure on them when showering to prevent additional weight on them and to stop any damage applied to your own eyelashes

– Do not use saunas for 48 hours as this will breakdown the bond adhesive

– Do not use eyelash curlers, perm or have lashes tinted

– Never pull, pick or rub your lashes

– You can use cotton swabs to remove eye makeup do not use cotton balls as the fibres will get caught in your new lashes

– Gently comb through your eyelashes twice a day, avoid over combing as this will reduce longevity of your new lashes

Polite Notice:

Due to my insurance and health and safety reasons you are not allowed to bring children along under the age of 16.

Please arrive on time, if you are running late call or text me on 07534 907 235. Clients more than 15 minutes late will need to rebook appointments.

As I have no waiting area please do not arrive earlier than your stated appointment time.

Please inform me of a cancellation 24 hours or more before your appointment date. This level of service allows me book in clients who are on a waiting list.

Ensure all makeup is removed and contact lens are taken out prior to treatment.


Full set classic lashes: £45

Full set 2D lashes: £55

Full set 2D & classic lashes mix: £50

*Infills: £25 (max 1 hour appointment)

Removal £10 or FREE if new set done same day

* An infill is where you have around 40% of your lash extensions remaining otherwise this will be classed as a full set. Please contact me with pictures if you are unsure if you require an infill or full set of lashes so I am able to book you in for the correct appointment time.